These are miscellaneous works that don’t fit into one specific category but are still representative of the BigMMS.

AI-Inspired Jump Photoshoot
C. Y. Liao and Y. T. Chen

Beautify Your Selfie with Eye-closeness Estimation
C. Y. Hung

Pavement Distress Detection via Deep Learning
J. L. Yin, T. H. Peng, and J. L. Kuan
[Paper] | [Media]

AI System for Detecting Distracted Driving Behaviors
Y. T. Pang, S. W. Syu, Y. C. Huang

Emotion Recognition for Driver Monitoring System
Y. L. Wu, H. Y. Tsai, and Y. C. Huang

Easy3D: A Holographic Advertising Platform
S. Y. Lai
[Paper] | [Demo] | [Media]

Crowdsourcing-Based Framework for On-Road Weather Detection
C. C. Gao

ROI-based Video Stabilization
Y. J. Huang and Y. X. Wu
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