Core Team

These are the students that form the BigMMS core team.

PhD students

Yu-Wen Tsai
PhD student
Computer Science Department

Wayne Cheng
PhD student
Computer Science Department

Graduate students

Max Wei
Graduate student
Computer Science Department

Jason Lin
Graduate student
Computer Science Department


These are the students that have in the past formed the BigMMS core team, or have otherwise contributed a significant amount to the BigMMS. BigMMS would not be possible without them.

  • Joe Cheng, PhD Dissertation, 2018-2021, Trustable AI: A Study on Noise-Tolerant Image Filters for Edge-preserving Smoothing
  • Shi-Ting Ye, Master thesis 2019-2020, Deep Trident Decomposition Network for Single License Plate Image Glare Removal
  • Sheng-Xin Chen, Master thesis 2019-2020, Automatic Itinerary Planning Using Triple-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Lily Yin, PhD Dissertation, 2018-2020, Energy-Efficient Display Engine: Exploiting New Application and Design Methodologies
  • Lynette Huang, Master thesis 2018-2019, CirNet: Towards Unsupervised Image Reconstruction with Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Rick Huang, Master thesis 2017-2018, Color Transferred Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Dehazing
  • Bibby Lai, Master thesis 2017-2018, Power-constrained Image Contrast Enhancement through Sparse Representation by Joint Mixed-norm Regularization
  • Eileen Wu, Master thesis 2017-2018, A Fast Image Contrast Enhancement Algorithm Using Entropy-Preserving Mapping Prior
  • Laverna Shi, Master thesis 2016-2017, A Robust Moving Object Detection in Multiscenario Big Data for Video Surveillance
  • Lily Yin, Master thesis 2016-2017, Highly Accurate Image Reconstruction for Multimodal Noise Suppression Using Semisupervised Learning on Big Data